Yikes! Or wait, it’s all good.

What happens when you realize you’ve had “write blog post” on your to-do list for about three months, and it never really happened? Nothing terrible it turns out. Other things were getting done: trips taken, tasks and projects completed, books read, music practiced, lessons and classes taught and taken, auditions sung, performances planned, meals cooked, and so much more! In the scheme of life, we are constantly shifting and juggling priorities, and it turns out updating this blog wasn’t much of a priority for me recently.

four rock formation
Photo by nicollazzi xiong on Pexels.com

I could shame myself for this and wonder how it affects my brand and my online presence. I have definitely had those thoughts before. But then I think about all that has been done and what kind of a presence I’ve been in real life and have to think that all that is much more important. Ultimately this is the essence of the practice of life – noticing where you are at any given moment and accepting it as it is. You are free to change course at any time, to backtrack and start something over, or to enjoy the view right from where you are. I’ve been doing a little bit of all of these in different areas of my life.

So in the end I have to say “it’s all good.” Meaning not every decision has been the “right” one, but that’s ok. I haven’t always been so good at being present, but that’s ok. I’m coming to the end of 2018 with so much good work done and good work to come in 2019. But all the work and the tasks and to-do lists are besides the point. I’m ok right where I am.

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