YogaVoice workshops now available!

Down DogI’m so thrilled to be offering workshops in the Denver area and beyond, drawing on my YogaVoice training as well as years of teaching and performing in both the yoga and operatic worlds. I’ve partnered with Central City Opera’s education department to offer workshops in local schools for both students and educators, and have private workshops in development! If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you.

So what is so special about this work? It sounds obvious, but the voice is an instrument that exists within a human body….this means that everything going on with that body, that mind, and that soul will all affect the voice and how it produces sound. There is therefore no “done” or “ready,” but rather a constantly evolving practice around understanding ourselves and utilizing all of the tools of yoga and modern science to unleash the full potential and power of each individual voice. The more I study myself and put these tools to use in my own singing, the more I realize how deep one can delve and what treasures I can uncover! To put it succinctly, I know of no better vehicle for understanding the self than through this work.

What do we actually do? Through a combination of breathing awareness/exercises, physical exercises, yoga philosophy, and simple vocal sounds, we dissolve the need to sound “pretty” or do any particular tricks to achieve how we want to sound. We can explore sound as energy that moves through the body, and how it interacts with the thinking brain and the inherent artistry within each of us. We simultaneously become more free and more stable in our own power. It’s hard to talk about these things – it is best to experience them for yourself!

I welcome your questions and can’t wait to see you at a workshop sometime soon.


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